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Incoming 9th-Grade Families

Students of AP Climate Crisis show off their solar suitcase project

Welcome to Richfield High School!

On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, we hosted our Incoming Family Orientation. While this is normally an in-person event, due to COVID-19, we held the event virtually this year. If you were unable to attend the online session, you can watch the recordings here. 

The Incoming Family Orientation provides new Richfield High School families with details on student schedules, teaching and support staff, extracurriculars, and much more. 


Q & A from the Webinars

During the webinars, families asked the following questions, which we have listed along with the answers or links to additional information. If, after viewing the orientation and reading the questions below, you have additional questions, you can submit them here and we will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.


  • How will we be assigned lunch periods?
    • Lunches are not assigned. A student’s lunch is completely driven by their class schedule.
  • My son is in a double advanced math placement. It says "see counselor" for 12th grade. what will that lead to / mean?
    • The counselor will, in partnership with you and your student, determine the math course the student will take during their 12-grade year. This may be an upper-level CIS course offered at RHS or a PSEO course at Normandale or Hennepin Technical College.
  • How many classes do we get to take?
    • Students take 7-8 classes per semester.

School Start Date

  • When is the first day of school?
    • The first day of school is Tuesday, September 8, 2020.
  • What if there is still social distancing in September because of COVID-19? Would school start as scheduled?
    • We will take our cues from the Center for Disease Control and the Minnesota Department of Health. If social distancing is still recommended in the fall, we will have an educational model in place that keeps students safe and maximizes their education. You can expect to hear more over the summer in late July or early August.


  • How do you sign up for the school bus?
    • Daily transportation services are provided within district boundaries for secondary students (grades 7-12) who live two or more miles from school. Families who reside within a "walk zone" area may choose to participate in the Pay to Ride program. You can learn more on the Transportation website.

Athletics & Activities

  • Where’s the best place to learn about and register for fall sports (like boys soccer)?
  • With COVID-19, will there be sports this summer/fall?
    • Obviously, with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still much uncertainty. At this point, the school and the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) are planning on having fall sports and activities. The MSHSL is the governing body for high school sports and they have indicated that decisions on fall sports will be made by the end of July. That could mean any of these possible scenarios: 
      • no sports at all,
      • some sports offered that are deemed low-risk, or
      • all sports offered.  
    • There also exists the possibility that, if sports are allowed, they would limit the number of fans able to attend games/practices. 
    • Currently, specific fall sports are beginning to set up optional student activities over the summer so that our student athletes are able to get themselves into physical shape and practice the skills necessary to compete if/when sports resume. Please connect with the specific coach about schedules and to get signed up for summer. Most of our activities are free but because of the guidelines recommended by the state, we need to have students registered for specific sessions so we can properly limit the number of students in attendance at any one time. Students should also become members of our sport-specific Schoology groups so they will see information and updates from their coaches.
  • Is there an anime club?
    • Yes, most of our clubs are offered through our intramural program or Beacons.  Intramurals are dependent on having a staff member who is willing to run and supervise them so our offerings change slightly from year to year.  With the addition of the Beacons program, they are also able to run these types of activities so that even RHS does not have a staff member who can do it, Beacons has the ability to go out and hire someone. Please check with the Beacons table at Fall Open House. They will have updated information on what we will be offering in the fall and be sure to express interest so they know what else they might need to create.
  • Is there girls basketball or cheer?
    • Yes, we have girls basketball. It is a winter activity and starts in mid-November.  We have both fall and winter cheerleading. Students interested in fall cheer should reach out to Kylie Jones whose contact info is listed above.
  • Can you get PE credits with extra athletic activities after school?
    • No.
  • Does Richfield still have a show choir?
    • We have a choir that performs at concerts and events but not a specific show choir.

Other Questions

  • Have you found a long-term sub for the band teacher?
    • Yes. Chris Porter will be our long-term sub.
  • Is it possible that distance learning will be required for the fall quarter?
    • That is a possibility, although we do not know at this time. We will take our cues from the Center for Disease Control and the Minnesota Department of Health. If social distancing is still recommended in the fall, we will have an educational model in place that keeps students safe and maximizes their education. You can expect to hear more over the summer in late July or early August.
  • Are the counselor assignments by last name changing with the addition of a fourth counselor?
    • Because we are adding a fourth counselor, some students will be reassigned to another counselor to balance the number of students each counselor is responsible for. That said, if a student has a strong attachment to their current counselor we will work with them to help keep them connected. 
  • Is there security at the front entrance and/or a police presence?
    • Last year, our main entrance was a secured entrance and we had a School Resource Officer from the Richfield Police Department present much of the day.  Due to our new construction and remodel, all visitors will be “buzzed” into the building to enter the main office to be seen by office staff or building administration before entering the main building. Our district is reassessing the necessity of School Resource Officers and their status is unknown at this time.
  • For the fall open house, is the afternoon picnic similar to the morning? If you can only attend one, which would you recommend? Is the afternoon tour, similar to the morning tour?
    • We recommend the 9th-grade Orientation in the morning. 9th-grade Orientation gives students more of a flavor of what Richfield High School is all about. Students tour the building, meet their teachers and other staff members and reconnect with peers. This option is designed to give students pertinent information, familiarize them with RHS. and decrease anxiety about beginning high school.

9th Grade School Supply List

General Supplies:

  • Backpack
  • Blue or black Pens – 10
  • #2 Pencils – 24
  • Loose leaf paper (for all classes) – 100 sheets
  • Highlighters (used in several classes)
  • Colored pencils (used in several classes)
  • 3 inch three-ring Binder
  • 10 Dividers for three-ring binder
  • Index cards
  • Ruler
  • Scientific calculator (preferably Texas Instrument model # TI-30X II S )
  • Paper bags for book covers
  • Earbuds or headphones – wired with a standard 3.5mm jack (for use with computers and Chromebooks)

This is a generic list. Some classes may ask for specific items that can be purchased after the first day of school.

School Apps

We use a variety of mobile apps in the District. Here are the top apps that families should consider downloading.

  • MealViewer: Use the MealViewer app to check out the daily breakfast and lunch menus. You can also view nutrition information and set alerts for menu items with ingredients your child is allergic to. (iTunes) (Android)
  • ParentVUE: Stay informed and connected to your child’s academic experience by accessing near real-time information on assignments and scores, attendance and demographic information. (iTunes) (Android)

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