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Expanding the 6-12 Hybrid Program

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Dear RPS Students and Families,

This year has been hard. The realities of this global pandemic have been isolating and stressful for so many of us. We hope that you have been reaching out to stay connected with friends, family and school staff during this time (safely, of course). 

We would like to follow up on the announcement from Governor Walz that middle schools and high schools across Minnesota can expand their hybrid or in-person programs. As you already know, we are resuming our one-day per week secondary hybrid program starting next week, and we are excited about the opportunity to take our hybrid program to the next level, allowing even more in-person time for students in grades 6-12. We have already started making plans to expand the program safely and effectively. 

Here is a brief timeline of the steps we are taking to expand the hybrid program:

  • From Feb. 19 until March 5, we will be working with the teachers and staff at our schools to develop a comprehensive plan for the safe expansion of our hybrid program at RMS, RHS and RCEP. 
  • From March 8-12, we will be communicating our plan to families and asking you to complete a survey with your enrollment preference, choosing between expanded hybrid or full distance learning. 
  • From March 15 through spring break, we will use the survey information to plan student schedules and bus routes.
  • Shortly after spring break, we will launch the expanded hybrid program. 

Please continue to check your email or school website for updates as we work through this timeline—especially when the family survey is released the week of March 8. It is critical that we know which students are participating in the hybrid program and which students will remain in distance learning.

As always, please contact your school at any time if you have questions or concerns. We are all here to support you. We are in this together.

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What We Stand For

The civil rights movement is not a chapter in History class. It is here and it is now. As educators, it is our job to support and empower students through these challenging times. Please read our statement on where we stand as a district.

Annual Family and Community Survey

We want to hear from you! Tell us how we're doing in our annual Family & Community Survey. Results will be used to evaluate our work and provide feedback for reflection and improvement.

Richfield High School: Where Dreams Are Realized

In Richfield Public Schools, creating an environment where students not only feel connected and supported, but also one where students want to return to after graduation is an accomplishment that we are proud of. We are thrilled to welcome RHS alum Ms. Rosas back into our District, this time as a teacher, with dreams of her own to support and inspire her students.

Hate Has No Place Here

In Richfield Public Schools, we pride ourselves on our open, welcoming community. We want every student, family and staff member to feel supported and valued.

Expanded 6-12 Hybrid Program

We are excited to share with you the plans for the expanded hybrid programs at the secondary level. Hybrid learning students in grades 6-12 will be able to attend in person four days per week. Distance learning is still an option for all students.