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Success Story: The First Annual Powwow at RHS

Success Story: The First Annual Powwow at RHS

Richfield High School was proud to host our first annual Powwow. The event, which was organized by students, was a tremendous success and a vibrant celebration of Native American/Indian culture. Led by the remarkable Niya Briggs, Aeris Briggs and Danlad Kasim, our students formed a dance group teaching each other traditional dances, showcasing the beauty and richness of Indigenous heritage. Niya Briggs led the Fancy Shawl dancers, Aeris Briggs led the Jingle Dress dancers, and Danlad Kasim led the male Traditional and Grass dancers. Witnessing the grace and skill of these dances, and the bravery of our students to come together and share their culture with the school, was awe-inspiring.

"Watching these students come together over the past several weeks and dedicate their time to practice their traditional dances was a beautiful thing to witness," said Native American/Indian Education Coordinator Sam Weaver.

As the students made their grand entrance into the gym, dancing to the rhythmic beat of the drum, it was an unforgettable moment (and there were a few teary eyes). This Powwow exemplified the essence of why we are here – to inspire and uplift our students. We want to thank the students and staff who were a part of the Powwow and everyone who assisted with the planning, preparation and successful execution of the event. A special shout-out to our Arena director, Nevaeh Coffman. She was in charge of making sure the Powwow went smoothly and she did a great job!

"The Powwow was an extraordinary display and testament to the strength and spirit of our students," said Sam Weaver. "It left an undeniable mark on our school and exemplifies the diversity and inclusivity of our school and community here in Richfield."

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