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Spring Athletics—Registration Is Open!

Spring Athletics—Registration Is Open!

Spring athletics registration is underway! All students must complete the three-step registration process in order to practice and compete with the team:

  1. Sports Qualifying Physical on file in the Activities Office (good for three years)
  2. MSHSL (MN State High School League) Forms online at (once per school year)
  3. Sports Specific Registration through (you will not be able to complete this step if the first two steps are not completed)

If you would like to pay your fee in installments, please complete the Payment Plan Application form. Once you have completed that form, please email and we will email you with the next steps to finalize your registration.

We never want finances to be a reason a student does not participate in an opportunity. Please reach out to the Activities Office at for additional options, including partial or full scholarships. 

Note: If a student participated in a fall and a winter sport and paid the registration fees, the third sport is free per Board Policy 651.2.

Sport Start Date Schoology Code
Adapted Bowling March 11 Email bowling coach
Adapted Softball March 7 Email softball coach
Baseball March 21 CXZK-F764-ZZR3J
Golf March 21 JH5W-FHPM-QQ5XK
RMS, Golf Club April 6 Email golf club coach

Lacrosse, Boys
(Co-Op with Holy Angels)

April 4 Contact Carolyn at Academy of Holy Angels
Softball March 14 XQMZ-32NC-2XKRM
Synchronized Swimming March 7 4H62-BFSF-CJQC4
Tennis, Boys March 28 RZW4-HBB9-W9582
RMS, Tennis April 6 Email tennis coach
Track & Field March 14 B5CS-X8JD-6BHRJ
RMS, Track & Field April 6 Email track and field coach

Information for RMS Families

If your child is interested in a 6-8 grade sport, the season begins on Wednesday, April 6. All athletes should report to the RMS cafeteria after school on Wednesday, April 6. There will be a brief meeting and an opportunity to meet coaches and receive schedules. Practice will last until 5 p.m.

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Emily Robles

“She is such an independent, focused student,” said Social Worker Jill Carlton. “She has done so much and made such an impact on Richfield High School with all of her hard work!” 

Emily Robles

“Mari's enthusiastic and inclusive personality is heartwarming and energizing,” said Counselor Jessica Okey. “She brings light and positivity to all she does.”

Emily Robles

“Melvin is a one of a kind student,” said Physical Education Teacher Tracie Hofmann. “He sets his goals and does anything and everything in his power to achieve them. This guy is going places! I can't wait to see his clothing line in the near future!"

Emily Robles

“Emily is an incredible student who works hard to achieve greatness,” said teacher Erin Huber. “She challenges herself and never discredits her own worth. She looks at all difficult situations with a growth lens and finds creative ways to reach her goals. Emily has strong intrinsic motivation and excellent time management to balance all of the commitments in her life."

Two singers in Urinetown

Students who participated in our production of Urinetown received multiple honors and high rankings from the Hennepin Theater Trust. All of these students will have a chance to participate in the Spotlight Showcase at the State Theater in Minneapolis on Tuesday, June 13.

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