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Senior Stories: Zavier Hayes

Senior Stories: Zavier Hayes

Zavier Hayes, a senior at Richfield High School, dreams of playing basketball at the highest level, whether in the NBA or another professional basketball league. With a clear vision for his future, Zavier sees himself playing basketball and earning a living from the sport. In the next five to ten years, he hopes to start a family, as well.

Zavier knows that achieving his dream requires relentless hard work and dedication, and credits his family for his work ethic. “My family has done nothing but push me to be a better athlete, student and human being,” he said. 

In his free time, Zavier enjoys playing basketball and spending time with friends and family. “I’m proud of my family, each and everyone of them are special in their own way, and I love each of their unique aspects.”

At Richfield High School, Zavier’s favorite aspects are his friends and the amazing teachers. He particularly enjoyed classes with Mr. Caruso, Dr. Schiffler, Mr. Morrison and Mr. Edwards, appreciating their dedication and the fun, engaging learning environment they created.

“Z is a fine young man,” said Mr. Burg. “He is very kind, thoughtful and friendly. He works hard in school in every class. He is a serious scholar. Not only that, he is an incredible athlete playing both football and basketball. He is a leader and a role model here at Richfield.”

Zavier's advice for freshmen is simple yet profound: “Have fun, be smart, always push to be better at whatever intrigues you.” This mindset reflects his approach to life and basketball, always striving for improvement.

Zavier Hayes’s journey is one of passion, hard work and strong family support. We can’t wait to see him succeed!

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