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Senior Stories: Trey Petersen

Senior Stories: Trey Petersen

“Trey is remarkably gracious,” said counselor and Track & Field coach Jessica Okey. “He always takes the time to thank people who have helped or supported him. He is kind, respectful and joyful.”

Trey Petersen is graduating from RHS this spring and looking forward to obtaining a business degree so he can start his own business. His goal is to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher while participating in his college’s sports teams. To achieve his dreams, Trey plans to seek guidance from professionals in his field. He believes that speaking with experienced individuals will provide him with the insights and knowledge he needs to succeed.

During his time at RHS, Trey is most proud of his hard work and dedication, which resulted in getting most of his college tuition paid in scholarships. He is also grateful for the opportunity to continue to play sports in college, and thankful for the wonderful people he’s met along the way. His favorite RPS classes were basketball and culinary arts, since he likes to cook in his extra time.

He gave a special thanks to Career & College Resource Center Coordinator Ms. Magnuson for helping him prepare for college. Trey also thanked Ms. Okey, his counselor and pole vaulting coach. “Without them, I don’t think I would have gotten as far as I have,” he said. 

Trey’s friends would describe him as short, funny and crazy. He was involved with Young Life, football, basketball, volleyball, futsal and track. In his spare time, he enjoys video games, running and playing sports. 

If Trey could live in any year, he would go back to 2012 because that’s when he first came to Richfield and joined Fun Club. “That’s where I met most of the people I know now,” he said. “Life was good. No phones, no new technology, just my 3DS and XBox 360.” He remembers waking up a second grader feeling happy and excited, without any of the stress that comes with being a young adult. 

Trey offered valuable advice to freshmen: “Make sure to not treat high school like middle school and to not let your grades or attendance drop, because it will affect you in future years. And to just be yourself and not let others' thoughts affect your own.”

With his sights set on college, Trey is poised to take the next step toward his dreams, armed with his passion for business, love for sports and a charismatic personality that will undoubtedly carry him far in life. Congratulations, Trey! 


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“Trey is remarkably gracious,” said counselor and Track & Field coach Jessica Okey. “He always takes the time to thank people who have helped or supported him. He is kind, respectful and joyful.”


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