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Senior Stories: Mercedes Cooper

Senior Stories: Mercedes Cooper

After graduation, Mercedes (Sadie) Cooper plans to study social work and hopes to eventually earn her master's degree. One day, she even wants a PhD in Forensic Psychology. Sadie is serious about her education and wants to make a difference. In five to ten years, she sees herself working as a forensic social worker, helping young people in prisons, combining her passion for psychology and helping others.

“Sadie is one of those students who could be celebrated for many reasons - a hardworking student, a kind friend, a talented performer, and an involved member of the school community to name a few,” says College & Career Coordinator Abby Whalen. “She is a Wallin Scholar and is planning to attend UW Milwaukee next year.”

Sadie attended Richfield STEM Elementary and Richfield Middle School. She loves school because it’s a place to see her friends every day. The social aspect of school is very important to her because she values personal connections and a sense of community.

She has been involved in the Richfield theater department since sixth grade, participating in almost every show. She is most proud of her role in the RHS production of "A Wrinkle in Time." She played the lead character, Meg, and had to stay on stage the whole time, memorizing many lines. This was challenging, but she succeeded. “I’m proud that I was able to learn all the lines and blocking despite struggling a lot,” she explains.

This year, she also joined the RHS Green Team, something new for her. “My advice to all students is to try new things,” Sadie explains. “You never know who you’re going to meet, and what memories you might miss out on if you don’t try anything new - and it’s okay to be nervous!”

If she could live in any year, Sadie would choose the future. She wants to see how her friends and family are doing and how technology has advanced. She also wants to volunteer with Planned Parenthood because she cares about women’s rights, health and safety.

Sadie has clear goals and the drive to achieve them. Sadie has a promising future and we know she will make a real difference in the world!

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