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Senior Stories: Melvin Cardenas

Senior Stories: Melvin Cardenas

“Melvin is a one of a kind student,” said Physical Education Teacher Tracie Hofmann. “He sets his goals and does anything and everything in his power to achieve them. This guy is going places! I can't wait to see his clothing line in the near future!”

Senior Melvin Cardenas is looking forward to starting his own clothing brand after high school. His five- to ten-year vision includes being financially stable, more ambitious, confident and able to provide for his family, his relationship and himself. “I’m going to practice until I can’t get it wrong, trusting God to lead my path, be dedicated to whatever I’m doing, and have the mindset that there’s always room for improvement. To overall be a better person, a better son and be a better man for my girlfriend.” 

He currently has two samples of the clothing on hand that he created, and various other design mock-ups. In his free time, he plays soccer with family and friends. “My daily goal is to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday,” he said. “During my free time, I reflect to see what I can do to be better. I enjoy working on things until I get them right.”

Melvin’s favorite class this year was English, since it helped him launch his brand and learn about marketing. “English class can be hard, but it has pushed me to write better and be able to do better research.” 

His advice to freshmen is to come with a mindset of success. “Freshman year is more important than it seems,” he said. “If I had the chance to go back and redo my freshman year, I would. It’s better to set yourself up for success rather than just letting things be and dealing with the consequences later.” 

Melvin’s friends would describe him as calm, kind and ambitious. If he could meet anyone in the world, he would choose to meet Lionel Messi. “He has been someone I love to watch in soccer for years and inspires me to be a better player. I admire the way he plays and how he keeps going. If I were to meet him, I would ask for pointers and advice.”

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