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Senior Stories: Chimdalu Dibua

Senior Stories: Chimdalu Dibua

Chimdalu Dibua is an aspiring medical professional with a clear vision for her future. A 2024 RHS graduate, Chimdalu has a clear plan to achieve her goals within the next 5-10 years. This fall, she will start the accelerated 4+1 Public Health Program at the University of San Francisco, where she aims to complete her degree before proceeding to medical school. Her ultimate ambition is to specialize in pediatrics and work in clinics dedicated to helping children in need.

Chimdalu attributes her academic success and future aspirations to her consistent hard work and motivation to assist children. “One thing that I have prided myself on throughout my academic career is my consistency,” she explains. “I have always valued hard work. Along with my motivation to help children, I believe that a combination of hard work and passion will take me far. I also will work hard to make sure that I am surrounded by those who believe in me and my passions.”

“Chimdalu steps up and does what is best for her community. Her maturity is unparalleled in most of the adults in my life, much less students," notes Benjamin Powers, Chimdalu’s CIS Political Science and AP Microeconomics teacher.

Throughout high school, Chimdalu has been an active participant in various extracurricular activities, including serving as a Student Board Representative for two years on the Richfield School District Board, assisting freshmen as part of the Spartan Crew, acting in the high school's theatre program, holding the position of Vice President in the National Honor Society and being a member of Me to WE.

"Chimdalu is an extraordinary student and leader in the RHS community, reports Ibelizet Dominguez, the Richfield Health Resource Center Coordinator. “Chimdalu has demonstrated exemplary leadership when she developed a schoolwide initiative that addressed period poverty at RHS. This action-driven initiative focused on providing menstruating students at RHS with free period products and items that promoted period positivity.” (Read more on

Coming from a Nigerian immigrant family, Chimdalu understands the importance of hard work and seizing opportunities. As the eldest in a single-parent household, she also knows that she is a role model for her younger siblings and takes this responsibility seriously. 

One of her favorite high school classes this year was CIS Intro to Literature, a college-level course taught by Dr. Schiffler. “I have always loved reading and excelled in English classes,” says Chimdalu. “This class was able to strengthen my comprehension skills and gave me a chance to read literature by people who look like me, as well as literature by those who do not look like me but who share my experiences.”

Chimdalu advises freshmen to focus on being comfortable with who they are and strive to improve themselves rather than conforming to others' expectations. Inspired by Beyoncé for her drive, community values, and impact on Black culture, Chimdalu aspires to have a similar influence. After establishing herself as a pediatrician, she hopes to work with Doctors Without Borders to provide healthcare to children in need, inspired by her heritage and the healthcare challenges she has witnessed.

Chimdalu Dibua is a dedicated and passionate individual, committed to making a difference in the lives of children and serving as an inspiration to others.

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Chimdalu Dibua is a dedicated and passionate individual, committed to making a difference in the lives of children and serving as an inspiration to others.

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