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Senior Stories: Bruce Hislaw

Senior Stories: Bruce Hislaw


“Bruce is a smart, reflective and caring senior,” said RHS kitchen assistant Sarah Jesperson. “Bruce has grown up so much over this past year and I am so very proud of him for finishing the year strong and deciding to apply to college. Bruce overcame so much to get to this point in life and I know his future will be bright! Keep shooting for the stars Bruce, I know you will do great things!”

Richfield High School senior Bruce Hislaw is proud to be graduating this spring and is looking forward to going to college, living on his own and becoming a responsible adult. His hope is to find a hands-on job where he doesn’t have to sit around during the day. 

“If I’m getting really personal, I don’t really know my family,” said Bruce. “I’ve spent a lot of my life in foster care and various institutions by myself, so to be graduating is way farther than I had expected to go.” 

“Bruce’s resilience was inspiring to me,” said Sarah Jesperson. “He never gives up, even when times are tough.” Paraprofessional Brenda Biever also had kind words for Bruce, saying: “Bruce is a wonderful student! Kind, willing to help other students and an awesome example to others.

He has a very bright future ahead and deserves the best!”

Bruce listed the many schools he attended before coming to Richfield High School. His favorite thing about being here has been the new people he’s met and the community. He also played on the basketball and football teams, and spends his free time skateboarding and drawing. 

His favorite class at RHS was English with Mr. Wolf. “He taught me a couple of things about myself that I didn’t even know,” explained Bruce. “He’s a straightforward guy who doesn’t like to sugarcoat stuff. He’s helped me a lot throughout my time at Richfield.” 

“Bruce is an incredible young man,” said Mr. Wolf. “He possesses an incredible work ethic and empathetic heart. I feel incredibly blessed to have gotten the chance to know him during his time at RHS, and I can't wait to see what he does next.”

Those who know Bruce would describe him as funny, athletic and supportive. His advice for freshmen is to make sure to go to class and don’t skip any classes. If he could support any nonprofit one day, he’d choose to support local community centers and programs that help youth. 


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