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Senior Kenia Melgar-Romero Inspires Peers

Senior Kenia Melgar-Romero Inspires Peers

Recently, senior Kenia Melgar-Romero presented to a group of sophomores and juniors about a summer program she participated in last year called the Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS). During the presentation, Kenia talked about her experience in the YYGS program and encouraged her classmates to apply. She also explained the program curriculum, eligibility requirements, application details and financial aid options. 

Kenia came up with the idea for this presentation on her own and reached out to Career & College Readiness (CCR) Coordinator Abby Whalen to arrange it with her peers. “Many high achieving students at RHS with intellectual curiosity would benefit from this program,” said Kenia. “I want to encourage RHS students to attend programs like this.”

CCR Coordinator Abby Whalen was excited that Kenia came up with this idea. “It’s wonderful to see students taking initiative and teaching other students about opportunities available to them,” she said. 

Kenia participated in the Yale Young Global Scholars program last summer, where she had the opportunity to learn from Yale faculty and their peers for two weeks. The program takes in students from more than 150 countries, which provides different perspectives, ideas and opinions, all of which are shared between the students and lead to a broader worldview and understanding of other cultures, ideas and lives. 

Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in whatever academic track they’re interested in, through a series of lectures, seminars, breakout sessions, peer-to-peer interactions, group learning, and even a capstone project. Kenia chose to follow the Politics, Law & Economics track, and was able to visit Yale Law School, the Sterling Memorial Library, Davenport College, the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library (pictured above), the Harkness Tower and more. She also cultivated relationships with students from around the world, sharing fun experiences, social activities and reflections in a small-group setting.

“This program fosters a welcoming environment,” said Kenia. “After having the amazing opportunity to attend this program, I have a new kind of hope for the world.” 

After graduating from RHS, Kenia plans to continue her education at a four-year university and double major in political science and psychology. She hopes to continue on to law school after graduation. “I aspire to become an immigration lawyer with the desire to help families who are struggling the same way mine once was,” she said. 

Outside of school, Kenia spends her time reading or crafting. She enjoys becoming immersed in a new book, and has enjoyed activities like drawing, painting and creating since she was young. She also enjoys spending time with her family and is grateful for their constant support. “My mother raised my sister and me as a single mother for a good portion of our childhood,” said Kenia. “Thankfully, she met my stepfather when I was just turning eight years old and there aren't words that can explain my eternal gratitude toward them for being my biggest supporters. Both my parents and sister are the reason why I aim for the best version of myself and for that I thank them.”

Kenia offered sound advice for freshmen at RHS: “Work hard and dream big. Never limit yourself to what's around you. Be ambitious. Do not be afraid to try something new because it's better to try and fail than to look back and wonder what it could’ve been.”

The Career & College Readiness Center is a great place for students to learn about opportunities available to them, including the Yale Young Global Scholars program, paid internships, volunteer opportunities, college applications, scholarships and more. Students can visit Abby Whalen in the CCR to discuss options and plan for the future. 

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